Dictionary of Five Forms of Chinese Calligraphy

Đăng bởi: 30 October 2008
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Dictionary of Five Forms of Chinese CalligraphyCalligraphy is one of unique phenomena that are typical for the China culture. The change & development of Calligraphy (the Art of Chinese scripts’ writing) through stages of time reflected China history’s progress. The Dictionary that you are holding is composed of a total of 3500 selected Chinese characters in which 2500 common regular characters & 1000 less popular characters. Every one of these characters is presented in order of five distinct complicated & simplified forms: Khải (regular script), Hành (cursive style), Lệ (official style), Thảo (grass style), Triện (seal cutting script). The Dictionary is a helful for the people who are training in Calligraphy.


  1. Main part (full text of 3500 selected Chinese characters).
  2. A table of Reference by number of stroke.
  3. A table of Reference by Radical.
  4. A table of Reference by alphabetical order.

Thông tin chi tiết sách:

  • Tiêu đề dịch:  Dictionary of Five Forms of Chinese Calligraphy (Tự điển Thư pháp ngũ thể)
  • Tác giả:  Luo Heng Guang, Yu Ju Li
  • Nhà XB:  Thuận Hóa
  • Năm XB:  2006
  • Ngôn ngữ:  Bilateral Vietnamese – Chinese
  • Số trang:  552
  • Khổ:  16.0 x 24.0
  • Loại bìa:  Paperback

Nguồn: http://www.xunhasaba.com.vn

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